BX CHALLENGE "2012" 30 years of the BX!!

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This weeks BX legend
This weeks BX legend
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BX CHALLENGE "2012" 30 years of the BX!!

Post by ren16tx »

Its only 5 years untill the 30th BX annervasary!!!! :shock:
idea one; :idea:
Meet up at National CCC Rally (or like) then head off for a weeks drive around France,meeting other BX owners,who will join us,finishing at an international BX Rally ??
idea two :idea:
Paris to ICCCR (as it may be held in the UK)
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

My 16v may be roadwothy by then lol

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Post by simonbx17 »

brilliant! sort of gumball 3000 but bx 30 run i'd be up fpr that plenty of time to save up for it never been further than paris.
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Post by mat_fenwick »

tim leech wrote:My 16v may be roadwothy by then lol
Doubt it!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Only kidding Tim, that's one of the shiniest cars I've seen so once the underneath looks as good as up top then you'll be laughing.