BX vs its successors

Anything about BXs
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BX vs its successors

Post by OwenS »

I was wondering how we all think the BX stacks up against its successors in the Citroen range, 1991 ZX and 1993 Xantia. As I currently own both a ZX and a BX here's what I think:


distintive styling
advanced engineering
smooth ride
height ajustment
self leveling
great seats
rust resistance

less than brilliant build quality
below average paint quality
tinny feeling.


pleasing styling (aging quite well)
good build quality
rust resistance
ride comfort (not far short of BX levels and less complex)

no height ajustment
steering not as immnue to roadshock and sidewind.
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Post by ken newbold »

If your ZX is a 1.4 you can add very easy to work on as a positive, rear brakes are crap and a pain but otherwise pretty good.

Hows your rear parcel shelf cords by the way ?
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Post by OwenS »

True..it is very easy to work on, suprisingly quiet for a car of its age also.
The rear parcel shelf cords are fine btw...hehe!!!

To be honest if thats one of a ZX's major faillings then thats definatly livable with.
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

I own a BX TZD, a ZX Volcane TD and look after for my family/friends a number of TD Xantias, here are my thoughts on the pros and cons
BX Distinctive style, comfortable interior, space, good performance , good handling, cons Tinny build, wind noise, electrical gremlins
ZX Great performance, great handling, excellent build quality and finish, superb parking visibility, cons still a few electrical gremlins.
Xantia, superb motorway wafter, quiet and refined, better panel fit than BX. Cons a bit heavier than the others which reflects in the handling and performance, still those electrics.
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Post by OwenS »

eletrics, mmm true..currently have NO blower motor for heater..in this weather thats NO fun!!!!! :evil:

Reverse parking my BX is definatly not as easy as ZX, also find that BX has less than brilliant turning circle.
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Post by tom »

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Post by OwenS »

True, except its the ZX blower motor thats given up the ghost...BX's works fine.
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Post by Kitch »

My BX 16v:

Sound of the engine :twisted:
"Sleeper" value
Very rare
Fairly easy to work on

Engine noise intrusion in cabin
Tinny feel inside
Ability to help you lose your licence

Compared with ZX 1.4 estate:

Fantastic handling
Taught steering
Easy to work on
Driving position

Fuel economy not good enough for such a weedy engine
Interior build
Ride isn't as great as I'd hoped
Awful braking on these basic models
Unreliable (this one at least)
Seating basic

With a mate's Xantia Activa thrown in:

THAT suspension
Leather seats the most comfy I've ever slumbered in!
Very quiet cabin
Good cruiser
Much more solid build than others
This particular one has over 220lbft of torque available
Did I mention the suspension?
Reliable (up to mentioning that, sorry Si :lol: )

Fuel economy
Vague steering
"Will they won't they" brakes
Driving position not great
The drive amazes you rather than thrilling you.

BX the best overall I reckon. My ZX is a piece of crap, but I've driven a 16v version before and it feels like a different car! I imagine a TD Volcane would be similar. Activa will never stop impressing me around corners.
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Post by jeremy »

Strangely I've never thought of my BX TD Estate as flimsy in any way. The ZX is very well made and really too heavy for its size. We have both - ZX is 1.9D and to be honest I much prefer the BX although the ZX is a very nice car.

We both find the ZX very clumsy with a far worse steering lock than the BX which can be embarrassing at times when trying to park what is after all not a very long car.

Driving - well ZX is nice and tight and even at 75,000 miles feels like new. I'll be honest - I find the BX much more comfortable! Must be something to do with the positionoing of the controls - my clutch foot never feels comfortable in the Zx so it could be the floor angle or something.

Cornering - ZX is amazing - its that self steering rear axle! - doesn't steer as well as BX but thats being niggly.

Ride - ZX is generally very good and copes with a load well. BX is better!

Ventilation - both heat well - BX needs the fan investigatijng but that's needed doing for the last 6 years and hasn't got any worse. Both have lousy fresh air vents - and are impossible to get any cool air through. Plenty of heat - but no fresh air.

Fuel consumption - nothing in it! Both really very good.

To be fair to the ZX we've had it 3 years now and must have done about 23,000 miles. Its been outstandingly reliable, very cheap to maintain and run and looks and goes as well or better than it did 3 years ago.