Grinning like a Cheshire cat

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Grinning like a Cheshire cat

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Had an excellent day today,at chez Newbold.Talking all day about BX's,world famous Barnsley pork pie for lunch,foreign cuisine for tea,courtesy of Sonia,oh and before i forget,the small matter of a new clutch.I hadn't realised how heavy the old one had become til I set off home.Also,I can now accelerate without it sounding like an automatic 8) 8) 8) All I need now is some cheap leather :wink: 8) Anybody :?: I can't thank Ken enough for doing the clutch,keeping me entertained and his hospitality.Thanks mate
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tim leech

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Well done Ken, by the way where were u at the CCC?

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That's Ken for you, top fella and a BX legend.
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Did someone say Leg end :o

Couldn't get to the national due to other matters arising at the last moment :(
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