Proud Day to Own a BX

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Proud Day to Own a BX

Post by kiwi »

Yeasterday Monday13th August, my BX did me proud for the second time in less than a week. :D

What she did is battle the elements and got me safely up the mountain for a days sking. Two trips both required chains or 4wd from the barrier that marks the relatively step climb. The first time was not a problem because most of the muppets could not get to the barrier because of the compacted snow 2 km from it :lol: First time driving the BX in compacted snow with chains and well she felt a bit light on the steering but handled as well as my heavier other car.

Yesterday same thing except this time a lot more cars were going up the road. Fitted the chains in the time the guy in front was still reading his instructions (under a minute it takes me 8) )
Off up the hill and the first of the slow movers is caught with a minute or so, coming up behind me was one of the guys I know who works up there so I let him pass as he passed hand signals exchanged to describe the situation ahead.
Next broad sweeping uphill bends that was it we were off overtaking 4 wds on the way up the mountain and the BX chomped passed at 50kph 8)
Next bend I call the power sucker and the line of traffic near standstill which was a pain in the bum as we lost some traction. Once passed this area that was it power up and off passing traffic in a wide part we use as a secondary chain area.
Most people at the end of that section pull in but not Nicky oh no he keeps going for it obviously used his radio to check what was coming down.
Couple of 4wds not impressed at being overtaken followed me out but bailed as me and Nicky in front kept going.
50kph and the Car in front of this line was no less than a 4wd :roll: even with chains on the BX in snow can out brake a nervous 4wd into a corner. Once passed him the road was smooth sailing!
One of the people I passed was surprised a 2wd with chains could manauver in snow like that.

Oh yes I was proud of my BX that plus a intimate knowledge of that road made her the car of the day in my books. I say that until one of the chains brakes and rips out the hydraulic lines one day :lol:

That in addition to parking it over a bank of snow that without the raised suspension only a real 4wd would master makes you proud to own a BX.

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Good on you Kiwi.

That's the kind of thing that makes people in normal cars realise that these are very special machines.

FWD is a master of an invention. Anyone who thinks RWD is better is either a hoon or just plain ignorant!

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