Weird Speedo Day

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Weird Speedo Day

Post by kiwi »

Yesterday my speedo failed :shock:

Reversed out of a friends drive and next second noticed I no longer had a speedo reading. Whilst filling with people had a fiddle around could not see any visible fault (as if I would) so thought bugger got to drive 140kms now without a speedo on just the rev counter.

My little fiddle somehow made the speedo work again :?

Any ideas as to what would have been the cause, figure that reversing got it stuck somehow.
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Post by AndersDK »

- cable drive connectors may need a bit of tying up.
- speedo instrument needle just got stuck for the odd reason
- the speedo drive on the diff may be just about to fail. Has a habit of loosing connection between gear and cable drive (all plastic bits)
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