Bx spares wanted.

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Bx spares wanted.

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Could any members advise me on the best suppliers of spares.
At the moment I need to replace the radiator to water pump bottom hose on my 1992 Bx 1.7 diesel non turbo.
I've had this car about a year during which time it was used by one of my sons in Cardiff. He drove it all over the UK, until being fed up of diesel he took over another car and "dad" had the Bx. Earlier this year I did a round trip across Europe including Romania, from where I brought a dismantled 4 wheel (wooden) horse carriage back inside the car. I removed the seats, crammed all the carriage, wheels, my tools, clothes, bike and amazingly got the seats in as well. What an amazing vehicle it has been. Since it's been back I've driven all over the UK with it towing trailers and boats and collecting stuff (ebay). On Wednesday it dumped it's water on the M25 in a monsoon. I managed to get off the motorway, bodge a repair topped the water and got the 200mile return home. Incidently Conway to Braintree and return used £43. worth of diesel (580miles) As a life long user of every make of car except Citroen, I am pretty impressed I also have a 1.7 turbo estate, but haven't got around to using it yet. JC. :D

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GSF or Eurocarparts may have some stock left - search on Google will reveal address for your local one and both have on-line shops.

Quinton Hazell list it in their hoses catalogue which means that your friendly factor may be able to get one.


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Is this one just the straight pipe from rad to pump, or does it have the T junction in it?
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Serves you right for going to Braintree! That's a good bodge to hold for 200 miles. You may have problems getting ECP or GSF to supply as they are running out BX bits. The most certain supplier will be Citroen, some dealers are more BX friendly than others. You might find that this is a good time to get that Turbodiesel up and running. They are a very different car to the 1.9 but most people like the difference. The fuel penalty is very small indeed for the performance increase.

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It depends whether the hose has a T piece near the radiator end, if it does not then peugeot 309/405 parts will fit (though they have a steel section in them that can be fitted too)
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Spares advice!

Post by silverbee »

Thanks for all the advice, it's the hose with a "T" piece near the radiator.
I will get hunting on Monday, otherwise I will have to knit my own from various hoses. (Half Zantia +metal+half Bx maybe). I managed to put enough hose onto the pump and get a clip to hold, but what a difficult area to work in. The turbo looks worse!
I found doing some other jobs like changing a rear suspension arm and a leaking pressure suspension pipe easier than I thought. Also I changed the spheres and reservoir one on the engine. Changed couple of front suspension ball joints.After this routine check over the car has done two MOT tests and thousands of miles without a hitch. Amazing car, does around 50mpg.
I should have done the hoses. Difficult when you can't even see them.
I am used to Fiats and Alfa Romeo which I have always found bullet proof once you do some routine replacements as above. But they can't compete with this economy. Thanks again - John. :D