How do I unstick my fuel guage?

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How do I unstick my fuel guage?

Post by joolie »

Its stuck fast.

Maybe filling to the top with regular dieseil will help, but IM unlikey to do that, only RME (Biodiesel) and vegoil for me (my poor CAV Lucas).

When I dove to Sweden I was loaded up with some recycled veg oil glue some dodgy guy sold me in East Manchester, it got me to Orebro before I ran out of fuel, but the guage has been stuck since.

Any way I can modify the guage so it dosent stick?

How does it work?
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Post by jeremy »

Take the tank sender unit out and clean it. You get at it under the back seat - under one of the circular plastic plugs. Tap the outer ring round a bit (detailed instructions in Haynes I think) and it comes out.

Firstly its worth checking the plug hasn't fallen off - on mine the wire was very tight and the plug was falling off.