Central locking is allover the place

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Central locking is allover the place

Post by joolie »

My central locking is working one time, then not the next. <alarm comes on everytime with the remote, but sometimes the locks dont go down.

Sometimes they all open apart from the drivers door.

And then it stops working again.

Is there a way to reset the central locking?

Is there a likey place where contacts can be cleaned or parts need replacing?
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Post by AndersDK »

The CL unit is located in the center console right next to to the handbrake lever. The pcb end contact points may benefit from a polish, using very fine emery paper. Sometimes a piece of coarse cardboard may be just enough to polish the points.

The wires in the drivers side door bellow are likely candidates to further upset the function. They snap during years of bending.

The CL unit does not contain a processor, but simple relays and transistor circuits.
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