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hey guys,
Well, it all started so well. I bought a brand new aftermarket driveshaft for my TZD turbo as the old was was knackered.

The shaft was much thicker than the old one but it seemed to fit in easy enough.

And now the problem has started:
Straight after fitting the shaft, there is a horrible vibration from 30-50mph but it only surfaces when accelerating hard. The level of vibration depends on how much torque is going through the front wheels and is worse in 3rd and 4th gear when on boost. At any speed when freewheeling or deaccelerating, no vibration

At its worst, the gearlever rattles violently.

Does this sound familar to anyone?

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Hello RKM no it is not unknown at all, although your shaft may be new it certainly would not be the first time that a new one is no good at all. Have had some that had more play than the old worn one that it replaced. A certain make of shaft that has a 'tin' joint cover ( looks like and is about the same size as a baked bean tin) could be seen to drive the shaft in a very noticeble wobble when on lock!! It was scrap after a few miles. Put the car up enough to see the shaft and turn the wheel and see what it looks like.
It may be a real pain but if the old one (if it's possible, unless it was an exchange one.) Could be put back in then that would prove a point. It does look unfortunently that the new one will have to come out anyway. I have a new TD shaft that is showing signs of wear after very few miles at the moment.
The quality of some new spares does seem to be questionable to say the least.
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Have a go on the inner tri-joint. If the driveaxle at some point has been mis-handled during transport or inspection, then the needle rollers may be all over inside the bellow floating in the grease.

The outer CV joint is not that sensitive to dismantling. It will need really coarse handling with hammers etc. before any damage appears.
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Is the car equipped with ABS or not?
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Problem solved; the replacement shaft was goosed. Ironically, the GSF genuine replacement was only a few quid more and that has solved the problem.

Thanks again gents.