Rene's legacy...

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Rene's legacy...

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As I no longer have a BX and being pushed by the need to clean out my shed, the following parts need to be shifted;

1x Phase II passenger rear light cluster.
1x Phase II passenger wing mirror (manual)
2x Phase II headlights (left & right)
2x Phase II indicator lenses (left & right)
1x Phase II brake switch (brand new in box)
1x Phase II throttle cable (I think it is, not entirely certain... again new in bag).
And, recently found in my cupboard, the stereo cubby hole with cover for a Phase II dashboard.

These are being offered to anybody who needs them as Rene would have wanted to donate his oily bits for some other poor BX. If you want them, PM me :).

Also, CavMad, I dunno if the Mk1 Astra has similar bits to a Mk2 but I've got a few gubbins for a Mk2 in me shed if you want.
RIP Rene, 1992 - 2006.
He was the best car I ever owned.