Mk1's & I, a love affair

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Mk1's & I, a love affair

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The nights are closing in, i'm struggling to get all my junk undercover ready for the evil wind that will soon descend upon my hillside retreat.
'I'll put the DTR interior in the boot of the Mk1TRS' i think, create some space in the shed.

Keys are found, interior safely locked away from the ravages of winter, 'I'll start her while i'm here'

She starts first turn, she always does, i blip the throttle, the green lights dance across the ubercool dash, i smile, she starts too rise, a bit of creaking but up she comes, i smile again.

This car always makes me smile, i love this car, she's been neglected for too long now, next pay day she's going for an MOT, she will be on the road come spring.

come on winter, lets see who's tougher, you or me?

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Well done mate, you know it makes sense, u need to find a barn to put it in!