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Ca coute cher !

Post by Jaba »

I am still over in France with one of my trusty BXs. Noticed a pool of LHM on the floor last week on the day we were driving 240 miles to stay with friends in Montpellier. It was in the octopus area - so was probably the height corrector return, although I didn't feel like getting under to have a look.
What to do - filled up the reservoir with a litre of fluid. Bought another 2L in the local supermarket and drove off into the sun hoping it would last the journey. It did. Although there was a smell of burning from the exhaust - but hardly noticeable.

I put it into the Citroën dealer in Montpellier. They took one 15 second look and said it was the spider (sic).

The part came in the next day and they did it straight away. Quite impressive.

But the BILL WAS 414 Euros. They don't mess about with micro diagnosis. They had changed both the main octopus and the small one too, thats the return hose from the HC, doseur and steering. The thinking being I suppose that if one hose has split the rest must be near doing the same.

If I was at home I would have just spliced in some new hose to cure the leak. Cost - a fiver at the most.

Well at least it will not need doing again. And its a good job the booze is cheap here.
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Post by stuart_hedges »

Not a cheap job, the octopus, and you're right - you could have just patched it up.

But then it would have sprung a leak elsewhere... and again... and again.

If you can afford it, best to just get it done.

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Post by cavmad »

Agree with Stuart here. The jobs been done properly now so one less thing to worry about and although the cost was quite high you won't have to keep worrying about losing LHM and mucking about with it every other day.
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