Lights on warning bleeper

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Lights on warning bleeper

Post by CitroenCrazy »

This is, I know, a daft question, but should my car have a bleeper to alert me that the lights are on, the ignition is off and the door open ?

Vehicle is a 1989 DTR Turbo saloon.
Self evidently, the function in question is absent & I'm wondering whether it's there but faulty or not fitted.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Yes it should, every Mk2 BX ive had has it.

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Post by jeremy »

Yes your car probably has such a bleeper.

Do the courtesy lights come on properly - ie when the doors are opened? The warning alarm uses the courtesy light switches in the door pillars - and so when these switches fail so does the alarm. New switches are only about £1.50.

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Post by kiwi »

Can some one tell us the location of this bleeper?
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Post by docchevron »

It lives on the bottom steering cowling cover. White box with a blue circular lid type thing on the top.
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Post by ellevie »

Perhaps somebody forgot to reconnect the wires to the beeper after having removed the cowling, as I once did.

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Post by DLM »

If the white relay box is missing rather than disconnected, I've got a spare.
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