I think that the seller has a screw loose!

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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I think that the seller has a screw loose!

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http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Citroen-Bx-19-TR ... dZViewItem

Nice enough car but I think that the seller has some issues!
Reason for selling: Test rode a new Suzuki GSX-R 750... I'm in love
Not to mention all of the crap mentioned
Car with great modification potential!
Hmmm....It's a BX. Modification potential?? Like what??
It has a huge boot (yes it is as big as it looks) great for carting anything you like or for installing about 50 15" subs...
I've got it now....he's a real nutcase!
Can bolt straight in the 16v 160BHP engine from a peugot 206GTi. Considering this car weighs under 1000kg thats a decent performance gain... and then there are of course turbos.
Turbos??? Does this idiot know what he's talking about? Who would put a Turbo on a 16V engine?
Remote central locking and alarm (microwave sensor type). Heaters work very well.
Firstly I never knew a BX had more that one heater. Secondly can you cook your TV dinner with the Alarm? Idiot meant Ultrasonic!
Interior is all intact, but beige... painting the interior bits and pieces and new trim would make a huge difference. Again, probably only if you are into modifying. Otherwise... live with beige!
Paint the whole Interior?? New Trim?? What is this? A Ferrari?

Now here's the best for last!!
Actual kilometers are 300250, for some reason the odometer went from 299999 to 600000...
Isn't that believeable???

Has anyone's speedo jumped like that? I'd have bought another speedo for it before I sold it with a lesser reading!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Geez it's good to take the pi$$ sometimes!!
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tim leech

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Nice colour, like the wheels, and even the interior browness, shame its the other side of the world!

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I can understand the GSXR bit, i rode one & now own one, mines only a 600 though.


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artic-steel wrote:I can understand the GSXR bit, i rode one & now own one, mines only a 600 though.
Yup - with you there (though personally I prefer a Hornet).