The inner world of a BX seatbelt

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The inner world of a BX seatbelt

Post by toddao »

Thanks to the gnawing of our dog Pelops, I found myself replacing the drivers side ( passenger in Uk) seat belt for the second time this year.
It get's harder to find the Mk.1 version with the square shaped clips. However, I had a passenger side unit to hand and apart from the clip being backwards it wouldn't run out smoothly because the inertia mechanism locks when tilted left as it's used to sitting right.
I took the old chewed unit and drilled out the star shaped screws with a strange head in the middle that hold the plastic cover ( make sure it's the right cover because the other contains the spring which is just waiting to leap out and un-coil), thus gaining access to the mechanism which is essentially a ball bearing in an angled tray which presses a lever onto the ratchet depending an it's angle. The left side belt has a black tray and the right a white one. Drilled out the other belt and swapped the trays and replaced the mechanism cover with normal screws ( the even earlier belts didn't even have these weird security screws but four rivets) and it works perfectly.
I hope no-one has to do this but it saves having to have matched pairs or if , after removal from scrap vehicle, the belt has returned too far ( always pull it out and knot to prevent) and you have to activate the locked lever.
Blimey, I always took those things for granted and now I'm a seatbelt bore :shock:

this yellow writing is really hard to read

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Post by Jaba »

Not a BORE an EXPERT Todd
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Post by m_2975 »

I, personally don't like playing with that kind of thing. What would happen if the screws ratled out and the little tray came loose? The inertia belt would be as useful as no belt.

Just my personal opinion, not trying to start an argument.
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Post by docchevron »

Bit of locktite, job done.
After all, they were screwed together in the first place!
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