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The one on the GTi 8V doesnt work at all, the switch doesnt seem to doa thing, no wash, no movement from the wiper, could it be a fuse or possibly the switch? I have a spare motor but if that was duff surely the wash feature would work.


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Often the rear wash/wipe suffers 2 problems at one time.

The switch contact set for washer motor does not close to engage the pump motor.
Or the wiring from switch to pump motor is hopelessly corroded. I once did a bodge with success by connecting a relay on ythe wiring - instead of the motor - then letting the relay driving the pump motor via a new fused 12V connection.
The pump motor draws some 2-5Amps. Quite a heavy current for the mediocre wiring.

The wiper axle is seized by rust, and the fuse does not burn out because of rather high contact resisstance in the various connectors enroute to the rear. I've done a couple of seized rear wipers over, and they seem to be perfectly serviceable for the diy'er.
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Thanks anders, I have a spare switch somewhere which I knew worked, will also look at the obvious fuses, is there anything else the r/w/w fuses would control? Asides the r/w/w everything seems to work with the excpetion of the obligatory dash bulbs! :D