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For a long time my TD BX Estate has been rather rough and has wobbled its gearlever rather vigorously in 5th at any speed. I've had a good look at it and replaced the OS drive shaft which I thought was the culprit to no effect. It hasn't mattered much as by and large I've only been using it locally and latterly not much at all as I haven't really needed it and have been able to use the ZX.

So today I come to replace the boot on the nearside one - and remove the shaft which was a recon one of uncertain parentage fitted about 25,000 miles ago.

Imagine my surprise to find that while its full of grease - so hasn't run dry or filled with dirt for that matter - the outer joint won't swivel unless forced - and the inner one seems to be missing one needle from one race and is filled with what looks like ordinary yellow grease as its transparent - not the black moly stuff it should be!

Do you think it likely I've found the vibration problem?

Looks like another recon shaft then for me. At least I've got it off the car and won't have to pay the deposit!

Incidentally Eurocarparts are listing the O/S one for ABS cars again - at least I think they are - the description is a bit strange with a reference to Saxo but I think that's just the joys of computers.

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The drive shaft CAN make the gear lever wobble. I have it on my GTI although it's not that bad. I replaced both shafts with reco ones and it's no better. I hate reco shafts with a passion. Opened one up that shook as well and although it had the right grease, the splines where the ball bearing holder is held to the shaft were all worn and they bashed the splines out of shape and jammed the bearing holder to the shaft!

Not impressed.

Had more like that before too of other brands.

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When we rebuilt the series one 16V a few years back, we did amongst other things, the driveshafts ourselves.
We had this strange phenomena happen to us also, so we pulled apart and refitted until they were moving freely.
When we took it for a test drive, it seemed that we also had a vibration that felt like a driveshaft clapped out.
We had a yarn to a guy who does this for a living (the advantages of being involved with racing teams) :wink: who suggested that it could be that where the "balls" fit into the sockets on the triax joint, there tends for some mysterious reason, to be a variance in wear patterns, so when pulled apart, if the ball isn't refitted back into the socket it originally came from, there's always a chance that you can get either tightness or vibration depending on whether you've fitted a worn ball into a tight socket or vice versa.
We spent a heap of time trying different set ups until we reckoned we'd got it as close as we could get it. There was still a slight rumble at first, but after a short while it seemed to "bed in" and it went for another 70,000 and was still OK when the car was put on blocks.
Yours might be the same.

Alan S
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