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Somebody up there likes me...

Post by medwaycitroen »

...As I just got me a full bodykit in return for one slightly rusty XM wing. :D

One problem - it's white, MGU (or Number Six as I like to call him... think about it) is rouge furio.

I know a sprayer, he's good but has his head in the clouds price-wise. I'm also up to my neck in debt, being a student working one poxy day a week and learning to drive at the same time.

I have heard about spray cans you can have made up - but I really don't want to ruin a good bodykit with my lame attempts.

Any ideas? BX incentives may be given!

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Post by ken newbold »

I've seen a full door sprayed with cans and it was a superb finish.

However it took lots and lots of prep time and also heating the cans in boiling water :?
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Post by DavidRutherford »

First things first. Are you really really really sure you want to fit a fiberglass bodykit to your BX?

A few things spring to mind:

1) You'll make your insurance more expensive, as the car is now "modified"
2) You may make the car more vulnerable to mindless vandalism, as it looks non-standard.
3) You're more likely to get pulled over by the police. (for the same reason as #2)
4) You'll possibly ruin the lines of the car (depending on how restrained the kit is)
5) You'll increase the likelyhood of rust, especially hidden rust.
6) The car will go slower
7) The car will use more petrol.

TBH I'd be more inclined to sell the kit, and buy Petrol / Insurance / Something more useful.

Just my

However, should you decide that you want all of the above, I do now have the kit to be able to spray items (whole cars if needs be). It's a bit of a trek though
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Post by prm »

Being all white, and applying a red finish, you might struggle to get a good depth of colour, without applying 2-4 top coats.

Would recommend applying a red oxide type colour as a base coat, and you may get away with just one covering.

If you apply the finish colour as a very, very light dusting over the base colour, then rub down, this gives you and indication with any high spots, or points that may require additional filling with body kits. If your able to keep any finished sections in a warm area for at least 24 hours to allow the paint to fully harden.

One thing I say about Halfruds, they make-up a good colour match.
About £12-14 for half litre spray can, - £20-22 for one litre. Would suggest the half litre cans.

The paint code maybe on the n/s inner wing – EJXcS ?????