The BX Rules

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The BX Rules

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Nothing new in saying the BX rules :lol:

Except down here in New Zealand I have taken great pleasure in rubbing the noses in over the Fact that the French not only kicked the ABs out of the cup, a cup I add that a T-Bag stays in longer for :lol:

Yesterday went on a unexpected Jaunt to Hamilton some 400km roud trip, left our place in heavy rain at 7am got to Hammilton to Warm strong winds with the hint of some rain and you guessed it drove home to rain. (yes the stories are true in NZ just drive a hour or more for differant weather). OK hit some really vicous squalls on the way home most of the time wiper on top speed and this one my wife said maybe we should pulll over. Heck I had thought about it as I slowed but where to stop on a twisty narrow road?
Well nearly home then we got stopped by a Highway Maint guy who pointed out a flood, said no way was cars going through that :shock:
Hmm I pondered and said what about high sided 4wds? he responded yes only them. With that up went the BX suspension :lol:

A state of shock from him and he stuttered to find the words to say I am not pulling you out if you get stuck.

Anyways I went for it as a convoy of big 4wds made there way from the otherside followed by a Truck, the truck driver stopped looked down and uttered the word "Sweeeeet".

Yep I made it and said to the guy on the otherside French Technology wins every time but only by a Englishman, bit like the rugby :P

What happened next was some twit in a Toyota Corrolla not to be outdone tried it and got stuck :lol: :lol: :lol:

So the BX is the ultimate 4wd without 4wd, oh I would love a 4x4 BX.
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Hi Kiwi,
sweet story re the BX and high water.........glad you got through it. From what I hear though the 4WD BX might not be such a sweet story as they are really fragile. Particularly the transfer boxes......I'm only going by what I've seen on here and read in the CCC mag about them no personal experience you understand. I've always found the normal BX to be a bit of a Snowmobile out in France where there's a bit more snow than over me out of trouble a few times I can tell you.
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