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Post by docchevron »

Didn't know anybody still went on there anyway!

Last time I looked it was eleventybillion threads about
"My Xantia wont start"..

Why the hell should you be paying for that anyway??
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Far too many BX's, a bus, an ambulance a few trucks, not enough time and never enough cash...

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Post by andmcit »

Yes, I agree there is a hell of a lot of Xantia chat on FFC - there isn't
really an alternative like the BXC or CXC. OK, Yahoo groups, but I'm
still waiting for a reply to a post on there from a good few months back!!

Like it or not, Xantiae are very popular and many people's first (good)
experience of Citroen, bridging their enthusiasm to Bx, Xm, Cx or even
a Gs, Ds etc!

An all encompassing site can be good to enlighten others to alternative
wheels to their Xantia etc!! Personally, I use FFC a lot as there's more
than one type of Citroen cluttering my life and headspace!! I've run
Cx's, Gs's and 2CV's for the last 20 years and have gained invaluable
advice through hard won experience from others on FFC who know
their way around Xantia, Xm and yes, Bx's.

The problem I see now, is that users of FFC can't get into the forum to
have the current situation explained. I feel many may in fact be quite
happy to see alternative plans in the organisation and funding made to
see the continued running of the FFC into the forseable future.

I've met as well as had extended correspondence with many Citroen
enthusiasts on FFC and whilst they may indeed own a Xantia, they were
all very interested/fired up about the prospect of owning another
Citroen model. Surely that's the point of any forum/club; increasing
understanding/awareness and appreciation for different models/
engines etc under then flag of 'Anything Citroen'. I have been a member
of the Citroen Car Club since 1987, but got a bit cheesed off with it for
many reasons so allowing my subscription to lapse and in recent times
decided the immediacy of the forums was far more rewarding and

OK, so some don't like Xantiae, fine, I don't get excited about ZX's, Xsara,
Saxo's or Visa's, yet someone out there does and that's fine by me - are
they expected to find/set up a ZX club forum though?


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Post by AlanS »

The point of the FCF is that it is an ongoing meeting place for Citroen enthusiasts in general.
We get threads about all models including CXs, BXs, GSs and 2 CVs. The majority are about Xantias admittedly, but remember, they were current to about 5? years ago and they did sell around 1.5 million of them.
Go back a few years and the exact same things some people are saying about Xantias, they were saying about BXs.
Good cars were regularly being scrapped because they had things like sticky struts or rear arm bearings knackered. FCF or its forerunner Andyspares forum, helped to slow a lot of that by outlining how simply they could be fixed, so that today, there's a lot more BXs around than there would have been otherwise. Go forward another 5 years, and the focus will be on the C5 and there may by then be a "Xantia Club UK" just as there is one for BXs.
On that forum, there are a lot of very talented people and an air of co-operation and comradeship as good as you'll find anywhere; everybody helps everybody else and given the number of postings we get, our percentage of "personal" problems/clash of personalities is almost non existent.
As soon as it's back up, you'll be advised.

Alan S
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Post by cavmad »

Is there some mileage in a Xantia forum do you think? I ask purely because when searching for one on the web the only one I could find was for the Activa model iirc. Don't get me wrong it was a very friendly and well run forum but seemed to only really concentrate on the Activa. If there was a Xantia even a tenth as good as this place then I'd imagine more cars would be saved/looked after and parts etc would be more widely available too. Just a thought so don't shoot the messenger please.
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Post by docchevron »

I wasn't for a second implying that the FCF is sh!te because the bulk is about the Xantia.
The point I was making is that there are at least 3 very good BX only forums, which is undoubtedly why there isn't much BX talkon FCF.
Ergo it seemed odd to me that a one car forum should be financially supporting a forum that by definition should have a greater membership due to being a multicar forum like.... :roll:
Smokes lots, because enough's enough already!

Far too many BX's, a bus, an ambulance a few trucks, not enough time and never enough cash...


Post by elma »

Well I certainly have no problem with contributing.
I think the forum is worth keeping alive.
May I suggest we could all sell our spares we don't need on ebay to raise the cash. I had a few I was going to give free to good home on the forum soon, but would be happy to sell them and donate the cash.

Is there a list of members email addresses?
It'd be good if whats happened could be explained to all.


Post by elma »

To be honest I don't think everyone will find out until its back on line. If it weren't for the fact that I'd been looking for an xm and for andmcit I still wouldn't know.
I guess not much can be done though. I'm just happy that we're keeping fcf.
Its been so much help to me, in fact I wouldn't have my current car without it and one of my friends cars would have been turned to dog food tins quite recently as well.
Following this thread its clear to me that the forum serves its purpose. Some xantias in my care have been saved with its help, although not all of them. And also it has given me the urge to try another citroen which I honestly would have avoided in the past.
Thanks for sorting out the server stuff (don't really understand all that but v.glad you do)
If I can help at all send me a message and I'll do my best.

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Post by citronut »

still no sign of it, anyone know more
regards malcolm
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Post by MikeT »

They're still working on it AFAIA, so don't think we've all been abandoned... yet 8)


Post by M »


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Post by admiral51 »

i know this may have been covered in the displaced FCF section but i feel this is the right place to post.................

a big thanks to the admin of this forum for allowing us "refugees" to come and doss down on your sofabed whilst our own home is sorted out :)
also the welcome from the "residents" has been superb and im sure there are many, myself included,with a smile on their faces due to the sense of fun you all have here.
the history of the BxClub is entertaining to say the least and requires a certain amount of past post research to fully understand the various meanderings of the authers =D> =D>

i have only ever owned 3 french cars :-$ :-$ all are xantias but you rotten sods have now made determined to have atleast 1 BX

i know just the 1 but money is tight and SWMBO says i must concentrate on the decorating :lol: :lol: :lol: