Tanks for the BX

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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

Any pics I wonder.

That was lucky! Could've been a valuable car :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post by MULLEY »

More spares :D

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Post by DavidRutherford »

Blimey... that's just up the road from me (well, 10 miles away, but about a mile from where I used to work.)

I've seen very very few other BXs in the area, so I wonder who it was.
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Post by docchevron »

Wasn't me, I was driving the tank....
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Post by ed4ferrets »

I reckon between Jon and doc that BX could be as new within a week or two 8) . Good luck with the insurance claim.... probably insured with Cavmad's nemisis D----- L---- :lol:

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kermit the frog
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Post by kermit the frog »

does that model have front fog lights?
look at that amazing plastic bonnet.
do you think drivers seat is still clean. :lol:
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Geoffrey Gould
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Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hi all. Was actually down that way the other day parked in a layby having a spot of breakfast and saw 3 tanks go past in quite a short time , with stick on 'L' plates, they passed with in 2' of the car.
The most scary thing was that there was a piece of stone in the track of one of them , you could see the stone dust and hear it every time it hit the road, and a chap was about 5' away from the back of the tank doing his best to try and overtake it directly in the firing line. They wernt hanging about either.
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Post by kiwi »

Crap remind me not to overtake a convoy of Army personnell carriers in future :lol:

Few weeks ago on my way back from my Fire Brigade Training Course I ended up attempting to pass 26 of the buggers on the move. Managed to nail about six of them but tell you the truth they were shifting and the road was not ideal even the mighty BX19 was having a bit of bother.
The worst part was slowing down to turn off the main road because the lst one I nailed soon was filling up my rear view mirror.

Only differance is over here they run on wheels not tracks, but same effect no doubt :lol:
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Re: Tanks.

Post by Way2go »

[quote="Geoffrey Gould"]saw 3 tanks go past in quite a short time , with stick on 'L' plates, they passed with in 2' of the car.
They wernt hanging about either.

Was doing 70 down the A303 one day and was overtaken by a Scorpion Tank. :shock:
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