Injector prices

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Injector prices

Post by Oscar »

I've just been quoted up to GBP30 (each) for reconditioning my injectors - that's worst case, if they need new nozzles.

GSF are selling new ones for GBP19.50. What's the point in reconditioning if it's 50% more expensive? Or am I missing something?

I'm all for recycling and supporting local independent tradesmen, but there's quite a difference. Can anyone enlighten me?

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Post by AlanS »

Presumably it's a diesel you're referring to?
I can't speak for them, but a petrol will cost about $A20 (or around 8 UK pounds) for a set of kits that will cover all 4 injectors, yet out here you can pay anything from $120 to $250 to get them done.
Last set I did took less time to do than it took my missus to get ready to go shopping; about 15 - 20 minutes all up.
With petrol, it's a case of pulling off the car, removing from rail, cut off the caps, pull out the intake filtrs and remove the "O" rings and spacer.
"Reassemble is the opposite of removal" (I couldn't resist that) and refit to rail and rail to car; finished.
From my understanding, the usual procedure is to have them ultra sonically cleaned which again isn't any big deal and ultra sonic cleaners can be bought off the net for a lot less than what you've been quoted for a clean. Ne w"O" rings at reassembly, but if you didn't want to lash out for the ultra sonic cleaner, just pull them out and get the injectors cleaned as they usually do it while you wait.
Sounds like they rip off the diesel owners the same way they do the petrol one to me.

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Post by jeremy »

Have a look at how to do it yourself in this link under CAV nozzles.

I think the discrepancy is the power of mass production and bulk purchasing. Things like sealing rings or special washers are required and may be supplied with the new injectors. My BX ones were overhauled for £100 ( They did all the work including removing and refitting) about 4 years ago and made a world of difference - so much that the head gasket blew between 2 cylinders after 18 miles! not their fault just old age and very expensive!