What a plonker.

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What a plonker.

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Hi having put up with Amtex spheres for years because they were cheap and Citroen ones were too expensive I have finally bitten the bullet and decided that I have just thrown away the last set of new/ under 3000 mile/ Amtex ones that were harder than the shot ones I took off. After the last meeting with GSF who have proved yet again that it's totally my fault that I should expect them to have ANY interest in a BX and who managed to give me Activa spheres for the X^^^ia I went to Eurocarparts. who supplied me with genuine Citroen spheres at 19 quid a time (+ vat.) I thought that was jolly good, well done Eurocarparts. I am now a happy plonker.
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Have you looked at the production date on ECP genuine Citroen spheres? I went to buy some until I noticed that they were over 5 years old.

On the subject of Amtex sphere's I've checked the pressure of quite a number of them now and find that they are pretty accurate, provided you get the right ones of course :lol:
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i reckon thats the key, getting the right ones!

Took my local GSF branc THREE attempts, and in the end i gave up and accepted what they palmed off on me, Amtex 1.9 GTi spheres, and deffinately NOT 16v spheres. My old ones might have been flat, but they where at least predictable, Amtex ones certainly are not (on a valver at least)

thank god i have known good citroen spheres every where else!

Oh and on the flip size, common Amtex spheres (ie diesel ones) have always done me very proud, my record is a set that went on three different cars and perfromed faultlessly over 6 year!

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