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My car

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Hi everyone, I know I've been very quiet of late. I have been intending to restore my BX for a while, since it was taken off the road over a year ago with a broken hydraulic pump. Today I thought I'd take a look at the boot floor and sure enough there was rust...plenty of it!! Managed to make fist sized hole with the screwdriver :oops: . There is also quite a bit of rust appearing about passaenger side of the engine bay, so Im guessing the inner wing might be pretty bad on that side!! Another rusty spot is the top of the passenger side a pillar.....oh and almost forgot! the usual door slam area at the back...both sides.
Im pretty decided that with a new pump needed, repiping (it was leaky last time it was used), rear arms, front struts, resphering and the rust the most sensible option is scrap.
On the bright side I have really enjoyed the car for the 2 years I had it running
and met some great people through the club!
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Bloody hell mate, that's a bit of a p*sser. Might be worth asking if anyone wants any parts off it before you launch it though, you might get a couple of quid here and there and save another couple of cars.
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Bit of a tough one really for me. The piping really depends on where it's could just be a rubber one somewhere. Welding, granted it's an ass to get done though.

Arms, struts and pump are all fairly easy to do/get done. I guess you either weigh up how attatched you are to the car, or how easy it is to find another BX 14 in good shape (assuming you still wanted one). You're clearly not using it daily as you have some dodgey sounding Fiat in your sig! :lol:

Was a tidy car overall though. But I'd get a valver :twisted: (surprise!)
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