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Your Top Speed

Post by Hurricane »

Whats the fastest speed you have ever driven in a BX? And which one was it. :)

Did it damage the car at all, did you feel you pushed it too far?

Fire away. :-k

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

70mph officer of course.

To be honest I havent taken the 16v more than about 120 incase it explodes and as for the GT the speedo dont work :D

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Post by stuart_hedges »

Not a question I'll answer on a forum in which I use my real name...

Erm, 68mph.

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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

125 on a private road. Apparently.
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Post by MULLEY »

Gti 125
Tzd Turbo 115
Txd 105
Clio 122
Polo 105
Mini 140

All clearly done on a track.....

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Post by kiwi »

No fear of the UK fuzz to say I did 120mph in my BX19GTI on the A38 Plympton By Pass quite a lot during quite evenings and early mornings.

There you go DVLA take my licence I dont need it anymore :lol:

Think I had the BX19GT up to 120 as well as for out here in Kiwiland erm well since I have a 10% speedo error I did reach 150kph before had to jack the anchors for a 95kph bend I took at 120 8) Thats just over 100mph old money.

Afterwards the car felt good as it had cleaned the crap out the engine, Good blast now and again clears the engine a bit I think? Very rare get it over 120kph (75mph) over here the roads are just to shocking to risk it.

Anyways to the cops over here one word and that is prove it! I could be making it up or maybe not there were no witnesses. :wink:
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Post by cavmad »

115mph in the 1.9TD estate (and there was still a fair bit more to go!) and 107 in a ropey TZD 1.7 turbo I bought from London a couple of years back.

*Both these were on a private road. Speeding (especially at those kind of rates) on a public road is dangerous and silly.
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Post by Vanny »

indicated 144mph on angelsey circuit, and a little bit sideways, on slicks in a valver.

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Post by nstarmore »

112mph in the Xantia and regularly hit the limiter in my old Polo GT at 119mph in my more irresponsible days, all indicated by the speedo and on a private road obviously. Most I've had out of the BX is 70 but thats because I won't push it until its running properly.

Quick question on the subject of screwing your car, does the BX (or Xantia) diesel have a limiter on it, obviously theres no need to rev a diesel anywhere near the red line but I am curious.

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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Yes they do, normally about 4600rpm.

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Post by Vanny »

no they don't have a rev limiter.

they have a governor which creates a maximum limit to the amount of fuel that can be injected into the engine. At a basic theory level the mechanical pump diesel engine can rev to infinity, typically the governor will restict the engine to around 5000rpm.

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Post by DavidRutherford »

The only high speeds I'll admit to on open forum are the ones I've done in Germany:

Talbot Horizon 1.9D : fractionally over 100mph. With a Porsche waiting to overtake me...
Pug 405 1.9TD : 125 mph, although that was a slightly downhill section of Autobahn. Maintained that 125 for absolutely ages on the level thereafter though.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Governor/limiter does the same thing dont it? :roll:

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Post by Way2go »

tim leech wrote:Governor/limiter does the same thing dont it? :roll:
Wikipedia wrote:Limiters prevent damage to an engine by interrupting the power that is distributed to the spark plugs, this prevents the engine from operating above a pre-determined RPM level known as the red-line. The RPM level that results with the spark being arrested can be a constant level, or, with the proper ignition control modules, variable. Variable rate ignition modules can be adjusted quickly and easily to achieve the appropriate RPM limit for different situations, such as street racing, drag racing, road course racing, highway driving, and lawn turfing.
If it's done on fuel the RPM cut-out wont be precise but I agree as a consequence it will be approximately at around a certain point in top. :wink:
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Post by Kitch »

Not really Tim, the limiter cuts in to stop an otherwise eager engine from revving any higher. A governor is the device that allows fuel to pass IIRC, and it only operates from zero to 4600rpm or so. You can adjust them but it often results in one component getting intimate with another component that it shouldn't.

As far as the topic goes, 105mph (GPS and indicated) on a downhill stretch in the 1.9D estate (took patience!) and 143mph in the valver. The speedo was showing something else (it wound round to the "H" marking!) but it hit the limiter at 7200rpm, and with standard wheels, gear ratios and the standard limiter; that's as fast as it can physically go.
Felt quite stable, but you were very aware of the speed (and the engine noise). The wiper started to lift off the screen and one of the mirrors readjusted itself slightly, but other than that it was fine.
Indicated 140mph (max on the speedo) turned out to be 129mph on the GPS.

I've had more from the TVR, but thats not for here :P
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