what price 16v head gasket set?

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what price 16v head gasket set?

Post by toddao »

Anyone know what a reasonable price would be for the above? I've been quoted €80 and I've got no idea - seems a bit steep but then it only fits the one engine rather than the GTI which fits various Peugeots as well. :?:

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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Sounds ok to me if its a genuine one?

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Post by Kitch »

Well that set fits Peugeot's too and many of the parts are used on 2.0 engines.
They're about £70+ the dreaded over here, but remember to check if yours comes with the head gasket itself (sounds dumb, but quite often they don't as there is a choice of thickness')

Make sure its a good make too, doesn't have to be genuine but something like Mellior (sp?) would be preferable.
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Re: what price 16v head gasket set?

Post by Vanny »

toddao wrote: I've been quoted €80
is that for the set or just the gasket? If its for the full set then i'd like one :D

I pay around £70 for the set and about £30 for the gasket alone (Payen typically)