BX Obs JAN 08

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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BX Obs JAN 08

Post by jrdpod »

Happy new year to everyone.

Maybe not surprisingly, January has yielded just one "new" sighting.

J207 PEY, TZD Turbo estate, red - Southend, Essex.

Also, H83 YHU, the grey TZD Turbo h/b residing at Sicklesmere, Suffolk, has now moved, as the house where it was kept has been "sold for redevelopment".

John Podgorski/jrdpod.
John R D Podgorski

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Post by toddao »

Happy New Year to you as well John! I suppose you mean the Chinese New Year? That's about now and it's going to be the year of The Rat!
Well, I love Rats - old VW split-screen ones.
Keep those eyes peeled! :lol:

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