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BX way of life

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In the short and intense time that I've been into BXs one of the best effects has been the expanding social scene that has come with it.It's mostly though this great club that it's happened - being 'behind the lines' as I am, I value the daily exchanges and technical back-up. Coming to The National last summer and meeting some of the gang was a highlight.
Now I know people closer to home - France and Switzerland through the forum. All stemming from the first BX I saw - the 'Athena' of my friends mother back in the day.
Last week I bought a BX part on German Ebay, the bloke wasn't so computer literate so I had to phone him to complete payment. After talking to him, turns out he's a 16v head with several examples and a yard full of other pensioned BXs. Suggests that we drive together to Rome in August for the big Cit meet - never met him but he loves BXs - we're lucky to have so many friends all over the place driving and appreciating the car we do!
For the next few weeks I will be out of range so keep on ^^bx>


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