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Post by ren16tx »

Just a Warning to all, i rent a private lock up garage and drive way,on the drive lived my blue GSA pallas,awaiting restoration,the car was full of parts,new and used,
friday afternoon, some towrag took it in his wisdom to Steal the car,to weigh in for scrap,the car was crushed that afternoon,
Police have been informed, but what ever happens,nothing can bring Dirdrie,my beloved GSA back! :oops:
So be Warned, make sure your project cars are safe!!
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Post by Kitch »

That sucks big time! I had a worry last year when someone knocked the door and asked if the red BX was being used and if it was for sale. Could have been a genuine enthusiast, or a 205 donor. Or it could have been this!

Gutted for you mate
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Post by DavidRutherford »

There are a number of legality issues here. Not least the toerag who stole the car in the first place, but also the metal breakers yard. They should NOT have crushed the car without the V5. I think you should persue this and take them to court.

As an aside, they (the metal yard) should have details of the person who brought the scrap. I believe it's a legal requirement to log details of all vehicles brought in for this very reason.

Persue this, and persue it hard. I'd be looking to bring charges against the metal yard, and see if you can get them to identify the person who brought the scrap in. A GSA is an identifiable car, and so they should be able to recognise the person who brought it in, and have him charged too.

Thieving bastards.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Sounds fishy to me. Fortunatly all my cars are locked away in garages or in driveways blocked in by other cars. My newest aquistion isnt stealable as it has no lights, wipers, interior, .......

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Post by docchevron »

As David said, Thieving bastards, totally gutted for you dude.

Dont be too cocky Tim, things like a car not going wont stop them, nor will it being in a garage, these low life scumbags have no morals and dont care what they damage to get what they want, if they want to take it, they WILL take it.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

I wasnt being cocky Doc, it is possible they could take it away but I with my nosey neighbours they wouldnt get past the end of the road. :shock:

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Post by MULLEY »

Dreadful :twisted:, i would certainly take the advice already offered by the other members on here about who to hold accountable.

I'm available for knee capping duties should it be required :o, er, only kidding by the way. My punishment would be to dunk them in lhm & set them on fire, er, again only joking, not about setting them on fire though, i wouldnt waste any lhm on them 8)

Good luck to any dicks out there who want to take mine, neither have batteries in, & again like Tim, nosey neighbours would soon be on the phone telling me something dodgy's going on, arent neighbours great :D

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Post by mnde »

Chris, I'm gutted for you.

Does this mean that you've established which scrapyard received the car for crushing? Pursue it like mad!! Evil scumbags :evil: in broad daylight too?!?



tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Get the local paper involved and shame the scrap yard, that will get you noticed!

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Post by cavmad »

tim leech wrote:Sounds fishy to me. Fortunatly all my cars are locked away in garages or in driveways blocked in by other cars. My newest aquistion isnt stealable as it has no lights, wipers, interior, .......
That makes it more nickable as it goes because a) some neighbours may think you have stripped it before scrapping it and any passing coppers would think it was a legit scrap car.

This kind of thing is happening more and more often I'm afraid Chris. I'm told by a few people someone in Ellesmere Port has been hiabing cars straight off people's drives and weighing them in, the thieving bastards.

Still, knowing which yard it went to (assuming the cops actually do) must count for something because the police will take an extremely dim view of accepting cars with no V5 and they could be forced to show CCTV footage of who bought the car in.
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Post by AlanS »

Wasn't it Rene from the BX16V club who had his very nice red 16V pinched from in front of his house in the middle of the day a few years back and it was never seen again?
Just disappeared IIRC.

Alan S
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