New log book arrived questioning model

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New log book arrived questioning model

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My log book arrived today and I'm questioning the model of lump on the tailgate it says TSZ although the log book now says its a TRS any ideas why

tim leech

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They did make mistakes from time to time, your car is definatly a TZS by the photos!

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Thats nothing, according to my log book my Diesel isn't a Citroën at all.
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Post by cavmad »

Maybe someone changed the badges?
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Post by demag »

Join the millions who had their details cocked up by Swansea. They changed my surname when I bought my 405! I'm sure I put my own name on the application form! :lol:

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tim leech

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cavmad wrote:Maybe someone changed the badges?
Looking at the photos it has the later style lights, 2 tone bumpers, wheeltrims etc so I would imagine its a TZS.

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Post by AlanS »

Some of these Government Agencies can make some unbelievable cock ups; one of my sons has just been a victim.
Amongst his work tasks is repairing, recalibrating and updating EFTPOS machines, (don't know what they call them over there, but basically it's a machine for 'electronic funds transfers') meaning that in the hands of the wrong person, access to these machines gives the person doing this work the ability to tap into all kinds of information as well as gaining access to their accounts, so it's vitally important that these I D's are accurate before access cards are issued.
Having been cleared for entry to the Police force and a few other similar security clearances, his application went through no problem, but as he is working in conjunction with his boss, new ID cards had to be issued complete with photograph.
The photos were taken and sent away for production of the cards copmplete with bar code security etc.
The application was foolproof but obviously not idiotproof, as each photo had a pic with the persons name under it.
My guy is a 6'6" athletically built character with an average build. His boss is a podgy Asian who stands around 5'8" and yes you guessed it..........

No similarity between the appearance or the names, yet, they screwed it up, so my fella is now wandering around with his pic with someone elses name attached to it and vice versa.
Could get interesting if some security guard with a 'terrorism phobia' decides to ask for a second form of ID such as a drivers licence, before the proper cards come through.
Given that one, not hard to understand why they'd get a model of a car all screwed up is it?

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Post by DLM »

For some reason, whenever I ring up my insurers to insure another BX, TZDs come up on their database as a TXDs.

I also think Citroen's change in model designations aroung 1989 confused the DVLA somewhat - I've seen a few reg docs for TGDs as RDs and TGSs as RSs in 1989.
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