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Hi all i am a new member i have a bx 17 tgd the ride is fantastic once you have experienced a hydropnumatic ride you never go back i have owned a xantia to!! my bx is one owner from new and done 50k!! barn find really

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Welcome to the forum bx tgd, it looks like you've got a nice low mileage bx there.

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Yes its nice and low i love the bx, going camping over witson weekend in it
i had a tzd before it had nicer seats.

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I've got a 19TGD and I'm presuming you've probably got the same seats as I did, which aren't very nice, first thing I did was swap them for some GTi seats (same as TZD), makes a lot of difference and its not that difficult to do.

I'm sure there's someone one here who will have a set lying around as well.

Welcome btw.

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And a very warm welcome from me :D I admire your bravery in mentioning the "X" word (X*n*ia) in your very first post :lol: :lol:

I only get away with it because I really love the BX and hopefully one day will own one :P

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Welcome tgd!

let's ave some pictures then! :D

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and it's welcome from me as well. :)

you could always do what Matt has done with his BX14 and put some nice 16v seats in it.
If you have a grey dash, you'd be better off with some of those lovely blue/grey velour tzd seats.
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Welcome TGD ^^ ^^

you wont regret joining this bunch they will help you get the best from your BX and give you a chuckle at the same time.
A really great bunch.

I have only been a member for 7 months and can't wait to put some faces to names at a meet this year.

Regards Kermit :) :) ^^ ^^
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Well, we have the CCC National Rally in mid-July at Godmanchester/Huntingdon.

Thats a good opportunity to meet up!
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thanks to everyone giving me a warm welcome, i would love some 16v or tzd seats, mine were lovely although these are not to bad. If some come up i will get some, i have no pictures as of yes as it only passed the mot on friday, straight through i might add!! after standing for 3 years to!! amazing car love driving it bring on those miles!!! Thanks for whoever sorted out my membership.. one of the administators i think, glad i'm up and running now, i had 2x 2cvs to and a zx volcane diesel. bx is the best! [/img]

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Welcome, which part of the country are you from?

tim leech

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Welcome aboard mate

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I am from the south coast of england near chichester in west sussex. is there a bx meet anywhere or bx national meet at all??

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The Sussex contingent seems to be growing by the day :) Time for a local minimeet perhaps?

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hi and welcome tgd i used to be a tgd'er look forward to seeing your bx.
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