A bit of weekend work

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A bit of weekend work

Post by mnde »

I decided to spend the sunny morning doing a few jobs on the BX.

I swapped the distributor for the one off my old Meteor, and replaced the O-ring which had gone hard. Also took the opportunity to clean up the HT leads. With the timing set at 10 degrees advance (vacuum disconnected) I still got a fair amount of pinking... so if it was due to sticking advance weights before, then this is the same :? ... After adjustment, I reckon timing's down to about 6-7 degrees to stave off the pinking, and I'm now on my second tankful of 95 UL with added octane-increasing Valvemaster Plus... Still got a flatspot if I bury the throttle too.

Anyway, I turned my attention next to the replacement of the radio/cassette. For a long time now, I've had no radio reception and have had to rely on a small selection of cassettes...... So I connected up the Clarion CD/Radio player that David R. kindly rescued from my scrap Meteor.... bingo, a working radio - which confirmed my suspicion that there was summat amiss with the aerial connection on the original.

It's kind of stuffed in the hole at the moment because I can't remove the old unit from the anti-theft flap thingumy without the special tools.

To try and counteract a bit of cold start rattle, I added a bottle of STP Oil Treatment to the new 15W40 oil and it seems to have done the trick! And the engine seems overall a bit quieter.

David, if you're reading this: I really want to do that Pug 405 conversion on the spray bar. Mine's partly blocked and I can't clear it, and even after rodding the jet, the spray is puny and doesn't come out of all the holes :x



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Post by cacaolat »

Hi Mark,
although I am usually bad at giving any car advice, the car radio thing is easy. If you don't have the special tool to remove it then you can just use 4 nails or bend some wire or cut a wire coat hanger.
Last summer I have replaced the car stereo and have also converted the power supply to one that goes with the ignition, which was easy too.
former BX 16 TGS Meteor Auto owner. No space or time to do own repairs. My BX is now owned by another member of this forum.