National Meet 20 November 12 noon Coventry Transport Museum

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National Meet 20 November 12 noon Coventry Transport Museum

Post by Oscar »

I've started a new thread to remove any doubt and to bring it to everyone's attention!

By the way, it's SWMBO's birthday on 20 November, a fact I completely forgot when I originally proposed the date :oops:

She hasn't made me suffer too much, but it might help if you could bring a birthday card. Her name is Lena, and it's her 30th. I'm going to see whether the cafe can organise a birthday cake on the QT, so there may be some singing of Happy Birthday involved.
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

How many people are going guys, Its about 40 miles for me so no probs getting there, Just making sure I wont be theer on my lonesome.!



Post by M »

Sadly Im not going, but can anyone help with shipping a set of wheels there from the North West (for Oscar) :?:

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Post by cavmad »

Unfortunately I shall not be going unless it absolutely p*ss*s down the night before and all of the morning of the day of the meet.
Then my kid`s football game will be cancelled and I won`t have to let them down.
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