rare accessory found for bx break "familial "

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rare accessory found for bx break "familial "

Post by BX19GTI1988 »

Hi everybody Here is the last accessory found for my break TZI automatic, a rare original third rear seat for children .This equipment was only available in " citroen accessoirie "but built by the famous french coachbuilder HEULIEZ ! For the moment it is still in its original fabric " jersey grey " because it comes from a bx 16 RS evasion, but will be soon redone in black leather to suit with the rest of the interior ! . The price in 1987 of this seat was 1558,40 francs , 3914,00 francs in black leather (version bx Buffalo black leather), and of 4510 francs in buffalo's leather (bx Buffalo heuliez beige leather). Strangely the installation of safety belts was not obligatory, but on the other hand it was necessary to pass the car registration document from 5 to 7 places!
here the pic of my car :
picture of the original citroen / heuliez brochure for the " bx familial ":

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Post by Way2go »

Mmmh............a rare find, yes! :D But is it useful? :? Surely it must have seat belts for children to use it (UK Law) and a consequence of a crash is likely to result in a conflict of heads with the back to back arrangement resulting in heads breaking together like eggs! :shock:

Personally I think that the load area is more useful but I guess that the seat can be easily removed when this is called upon? :? Or are you aiming at it being primarily a show car? :wink:
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Post by toddao »

Remy, that looks great! Where did you find that? I think perhaps the seat belt rule did not apply because if there was a front impact the extreme rear passengers would be pressed into the seats (?).
You'll have to get to work now, to fill all those seats :wink:

Good to see that you've got your boot compartment lids fitted too ( heaven knows what they're called in France?)

How about posting some photos of your Break in the Gallery section so we can get a proper look at it? :D

this yellow writing is really hard to read

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Post by DLM »

I thought there had to be some kind of Familiale add-on in France for the breaks, and it's totally logical it should be Heuliez given that they assembled all breaks in their own works anyway - as they did for the Xantia too. Interesting to know there were enough Buffalo special editions made to warrant the leather versions - I always thought there were only a handful made.

I think there were some add-on seats sold in the UK market, but from companies fabricating a range of seats for various makes themselves. They sometimes crop up on ebay.

The second row of seats is a bit height and legroom restricted, but this is inevitable due to the step-up in the BX floor just before the standard rear seat.

I have a personal theory that Heuliez assembly perhaps accounts for significant variations between estates with very close Citroen RP numbers (numbers applied at Rennes or at the Heuliez works?), as they must have had most parts shipped to the Heuliez works in batches.
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Post by cavmad »

DLM wrote: I think there were some add-on seats sold in the UK market, but from companies fabricating a range of seats for various makes themselves.
Yeah, seen one advertised in a local Auto Trader a couple of years ago. I think Ken knew something about the company that made and suppiled them, I just cannot remember what they were called. They made various 7 seat conversions for all manner of cars I think, and they cam with seat belts.
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