Very late Fleabay hatch

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Very late Fleabay hatch

Post by Mr B » ... 03354&rd=1

L reg :shock: I thought only estates turned up with the L plate.........

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Post by tom »

At that mileage, his buy it now price is optimistic.

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Post by DLM »

Hmmm.... must be the only BX I've ever seen with faux wire-wheels. The reg is perhaps not unusual when you think of the cars that can (and did) hang around unsold in certain dealers. I think that's why the esates hung on into M and even N registrations (I'm sure I've seen one of these).

The price isn't as optimistic as the only BX you'll turn up on Autotrader t the moment. A garage in Ringway is asking £1,200+ for a turbodiesel.

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Post by richard »

When I was selling my GTi I checked out autotrader and saw a late 1.7 TD going for £1700!