BX 6 speaker Stereo

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BX 6 speaker Stereo

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I have the standard Blaupunkt 2 speaker head unit and wish to upgrade to the 6 speaker unit.Firstly I do not know the model number and even where to get one?I also need the extra 4 speakers,2 tweeters int dash top and need to know where the extra 2 in the rear go?The reason for all this hassle is to keep the car as original as possible without hacking out the inside.Anyone any ideas?I also either need the little flaps to go on the wheel trims to hide the valve or some alloys,again genuine Citroen ones to keep the originality.

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All BXs had front door speakers, and high end models had better quality door speakers plus rubbishy small speakers in the rear 1/4 panels.
Best to fit a pair of 130mm or larger units in the solid parcel shelf.
The wires are just hidden under the carpet.

The top spec BXs have tweeters in the top left and right sides of the dash.
These actually work well, they can easily be retro fitted.
The wiring loom for them simply plugs into the existing stereo speaker wiring.

I can sell you a 4 speaker Bx stereo
I will dig it out and check if it works OK.
I also have a set of speakers, tweeters and the wiring loom.

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Guess you've got my pm monalogue to read on this.