my white 1990 citreon bx has a big problem.

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my white 1990 citreon bx has a big problem.

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OK, i have a 1990 citreon bx, in white, 50,000 miles which i adore. although recently it has had a major problem and every garage i take it to they can't find the problem, fix something else, ie oil filters or diesel pumps and still charge me, even though the oringinal problem hasn't been fixed in the slightest.

heres the problem; he engine, simply cuts out. mostly after i've gone over a hill, am coming to a hault, the engine will literally just cut out, i can start it again in about 30 seconds, but imagine my horror when, i wasn't coming to a hault and the engine cuts out, steering goes, brakes don't respond, and i'm doing 40 into a roundabout. fun.

I've spoken to two citreon dealers and they both said "it's probably not worth the trouble of fixing it"

but i'm sitting here thinking, well i adore my car, and its only done 50,000 miles.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Has this happened to anyone else?

I'm having it looked at again on tuesday, but if it is too much hassle for me, i am a 22 year old girl, i am just gonna get a new car, and do with my citreon what i can, but i don't just want to scrap it.

If anyone has any idea's please reply.

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Hello and welcome to the club,

sounds like diesel flow problems - if the garages you've gone to have changed the fuel ( you said oil but I'll hazard that was the fuel) filter/ pump ( hope you didn't fork out for a new pump!)
When you mention the hill effect too..
Some here will suggest that your problem is perhaps a small rather unnecessary thing called the diesel heater ( a bit like one's appendix perhaps) which is attached to the fuel feed line and heats the diesel ( if you live in Alaska) but can cause problems and can therefore be by-passed.
I had similar issues which were caused by fungus in the fuel tank - everytime I went up hills this primeveal slime would choke the flow from the tank. You must open the tank inspection cover and draw out the fuel pick-up and if its black with gunk that's a pretty dead cert. Clean it, then go fishing for fungus.
I know it all sounds simple and it is but if you're not mechanically minded you'll need someone to assist. Good luck with it and hope you get it sorted.

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Assuming your car is a diesel,

It's like Todd says, it'll be the fuel heater or more likely just the pipe connections on it.

I've come across this so many times, it should cost you 1/2 hour labour and 1mtr of rubber fuel pipe.

I don't know how many members live anywhere near you, but I'm sure someone will come along and offer to help out. ^^bx>
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Could also be a loose electrical connection to the stop solenoid. This is mounted on the injection pump which is on the front of the engine. There are 2 types of injection pump - the Roto-diesel has the solenoid sticking out of the end nearest the centre of the engine bay with some rather feeble wires attached. The other one (Bosch ) will be something similar but I'm not sure of the layout.

Silly one - do you have a large bunch of keys on your keyring? Try the key alone and see if it makes any difference (Had this on my wife's ZX - ignition lock had failed and needed replacing). You may find if you waggle the key around without turning it that the engine will cut.

The other points mentioned above are valid.

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When you say in your post that you can start it again in about thirty seconds does this mean you have to crank the engine over for thirty seconds and then it starts.
when the problem occurs are you low on fuel or does it do it any time.

Regards Kermit :) :) :)
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I would suggest having the car excorcised by a priest, or some other agent of fiction. Thats more help than I'll ever be able to give about a diesel engine!
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Hi and welcome to the club.
Get the car to stroud, or wair until I'm down your neck of the woods and I've no doubt I can sort that in seconds (ish).

All the above points are good (including excorcism, very underrated in the car world that), so it may be worth trying to find a garage round your way that isn't crap and raising the above mentioned points.
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prau bx
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Hi! Thanks for all the welcomes.

Thank you for trying to help me figure out the problem i hope this guy on tuesday can figure it out to be something real simple. i love my car, and the milage is incredable.

i am so not mechanically minded it's stupid. but i do know this, i love my car because it's not the same everyone elses. it's fantastic.

Thank you again for the help. i'll be mentioning this to Alan, whose coming on tuesday, and also let everyone know how it went.