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Hello all.

There's a new man applied for membership. His name is Roger, and he's a good friend of mine from about 30 miles away in Bury St Edmunds. He's seen GRX and knows about the miles per gallon etc, and now wants one of his own.. and he's got space to renovate and rebuild BX's. Maybe we can see a resurgence of BX's down here in the south and take some of the predominance away from you northern guys! Still need to come north to buy them though.

Rog is a good man. What he says is what he means. And he's got a lot of experience in mechanicking. But he'll need some sound advice from time to time. I've said the advice is here in BX Club; and all he has to do is ask.

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Bury St Edmunds - South ? ? ? ? - Winchester's North when you live here.

Hope we'll be seeing Roger Soon.