I'm back..

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I'm back..

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Hi All,

I'm back...

Not really been away really, just hiding in the background and fastidiously looking after the database and being incredibly busy in my private life and looking after the French Car Forum and various big Xantia projects :roll:

I'm running a blog over on the FCF but as on here, you have to be an FCF member to get at it and read it. The blogs was a good idea I nicked from here for the FCF :lol: A read of it will put you in the picture of what I've been up to these past few months...

I know this is very late but it was great to go to the Citroen Car Club National Rally a few weeks back and meet a number of you on here. Excellent!

That rally saw my old Activa passed to a new owner and me acquiring a new Activa, a very nice red MK1 :D

I enjoyed the rally so much I'm all set now to pay a visit to Stratford at the end of the month..

I'm now going to catch up on all the posts on here that I've missed..

'98 Xantia 1.9TD in Red - Gabriel the Bus...
'96 Xantia Activa in Red - My favourite toy...
'07 Pug 207 in Blue - The Deathtrap...
'15 Giant Defy Bike in Blue - Daily rider...
'16 Giant TCR Bike in Black/Lime Green - Fine weather only...