For future reference: Side Skirts

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For future reference: Side Skirts

Post by Matt H »

As I'm sure many of you know, I am on the lookout for a pair of side skirts for my car.

My question is basically, what is the best method of getting them off? Preferably without damaging them.

Any help appreciated...


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Post by Kitch »

It's a bit of a sod. Straight forward, but very time consuming. Took me hours to get one half off on the N/S! I made a tool out of an old coat rail, then hammered it in from the side to break away the bead of seal. Thats all that holds them on, plus a few rivets which drill right out. But it's good glue, REALLY good!

I got pics for when the time comes
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Post by docchevron »

/\ what he said.

If you have a strong enough will, then a hot air gun run over the top surface works eventually, or a blow torch, but keep the heat moving else the glassfibre will pickle.
If your really saintly then you can use the steam from a kettle repeatedley being boiled to lift them, but it'll take 4EVAH.

Or you might get lucky and find some on a car that are ready to fall off, I've had a few like that, but most are glued on hard enough to hang a bloody building off.
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Post by Matt H »


Basically confirming what I thought... There is no easy way :)

I'm sure I can figure it out :?

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Mike P
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Post by Mike P »

I found that a hot air gun turned down low to avoid blistering the GRP work well with a wallpaper scraper to prise / slit the bonded seal apart.

As the others have already said, patience is the key. Rush it and you'll just snap the skirts.

Mike P.
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