Alternative Wheels

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Alternative Wheels

Post by scagnetti »

My '88 19RD estate is suffering from loose-wheel-cover syndrome, and it got me thinking about suitable alternatives. What I'm suggesting in this thread is to post pictures of BXs with non-standard wheels (or wheel covers) that will eventually serve as a good visual reference for everyone. (Hope it hasn't already been done).


I'll set the ball rolling with these, I think they look really in-keeping. What model are they from?

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Post by Aerodynamica »

Loving the 'Paris Look' of that BX there!
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Post by mike st gilles »

If those are trims and not wheels then I'd hazard a guess at Xsara trims as they look pretty much the same as the ones I had on mine......maybe someone else will know for sure.
As to the loose wheeltrim problem; I had this with my Rd Break and the only solution that 'really' worked was to leave the bloody things off...... :D
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Post by Kitch »

Yep, Xsara LX/SX trims. I've got some of those highly fashionable items on my own car.
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Post by scagnetti »

Thanks, Kitch. Anyone have a good set they'd like to sell?

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Post by Jayboy »

Or try Saxo/Berlingo trims like I had on my RD Turbo.


Best to paint the wheels black first if they're not already. And they are a good tight fit!
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