Validation from a 7-year-old

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Validation from a 7-year-old

Post by Oscar »

Friend of mine came around the other day with his young son. The kid leapt out of their Micra, stopped dead when he saw the BX, and said "Wow Dad! What a cool car!" When he found out it was mine and that we were going for a drive in it, his excitement reached a new pitch. When I showed him how it goes up and down, he pretty well wet himself! I felt absurdly chuffed.

I've just spent the day changing the cambelt, waterpump, and cambelt tensioner. Pretty pleased with myself.
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The boys round here reckon my BX is cool too. To them the car is well out-of-this-world. Well done on the work today Oscar. Nice day for it :D
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Post by stuart_hedges »

I was about that age when my Dad got a BX, and I'm still excited by hydraulic Citroens now that I'm approaching 30.

My girlfriend's young son doesn't have quite the same enthusiasm - he just doesn't like being driven around in something with a whacking great dent in the side.