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Hi guys,

My BX estate has just ticked over to 195,000 miles and still going strong. I rekon another 80,000 to 100,000 miles left in it.

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tim leech

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Good man!

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Mike P
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56100 miles on a '88 'F' Phase 1 Bx 16v. Previous owner was an old boy and had the car for 15 years, very rarely used it. Mileage is genuine, the car feels perfect.

Previous 16v worth mentioning, '92 bought in 2001 with 75,000 miles on, sold 2005 to Tim2cv with 105,000 (was used as an everyday car for 4 years until I got a company car)

Mike P.
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Hello 19 RD bought in -95 now 380, Maybe turbo ed soon. Cant beat them.

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Rene has done 143k miles since new in '92. It had 125k when I bought him last May.

His interior still looks like new apart from those bulbs I blew replacing other dead ones... He'll last another 100k miles atleast unless Fate has something to say about it... LMAO

RIP Rene, 1992 - 2006.
He was the best car I ever owned.

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My TZD just ticked its way onto 150,000 today [had 137000 on it when I bought it a tad over two years ago].
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The burgundy B'stard has 90k up from 69k when I bought it 18 months ago
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'88 BX bought '96 with 120k only got to 150k. Wot a disaster. Should have left it well clear. But that ride... the only car I've been in where I didn't feel sick and/or cramped as a rear passenger.

'91 BX bought '02 with 16k currently up to 50k. Had to replace a front caliper, it had been so little use it was rusted solid. Bits beginning to go now from being outdoors all the time (subframe, lighter, rubber stops). Still with original battery after 15 years. Just loves straight French D roads.

How long to wait before BX's count as classic cars, I wonder.

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Just passed 150k :) Highest mileage car I've ever owned; also car in best nick that I've ever owned. Shows that cars can take high mileage if properly looked after.


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TXD has 157,500 miles on the clock - only 1000 or so mine though!

tim leech

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1986 D 16TRS 90000 miles!