Help Needed - Rear 4x4 Wheel Bearing(s) Wanted

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Help Needed - Rear 4x4 Wheel Bearing(s) Wanted

Post by David »

Hi All,

As the title states, I need some help finding some REAR 4x4 wheel bearings.

Everyone that I've dealt with so far haven't been extremely helpful, besides one person that got me a full VIN number for a scrap 4x4 BX, but they couldn't get me a correct bearing. All of my usual parts suppliers haven't got anything either.

On one page that I saw, it suggested that they're the same as the 2wd front bearings, but surely this can't be possible, as the CV joints are bigger on the rear drive shafts, so surely the bearing would be too? Although I could be, and hope that I am, wrong.

I believe that they're exactly the same bearings that are fitted on the Peugeot 405 4x4, and I've found one listed on ebay, but the seller insists that it won't fit. I've sent them a couple of messages & they've given the same generic response each time, so I don't even think that they bothered to check.

Can anyone confirm if they're the same or not? - The outer CV joints are the same &, asides from the axle being wider, they're identical, so I think that the 405 bearings will fit.

Here's the URL of the bearings that I think will fit: ... SwNaxegXog Can anyone with a parts lookup tool check?

This is one part number that I got for a bearing, it was listed under the VIN for the scrap 4x4, but it's for a 2wd, so it's wrong. I'll just list it to rule it out. Qdrive 628 54 5101.

Even a correct part number may help. My local Citroën dealer has closed down, so I can't even ask them.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Help Needed - Rear 4x4 Wheel Bearing(s) Wanted

Post by Jaba »

I have a feeling that the 405 setup is a bit different to the BX and I have no idea what the correct p/no is but this looks like what you want: ... c-maincntr

Chris on here has access to Citpart numbers but seems to have disappeared perhaps due to his move back to the UK.
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Re: Help Needed - Rear 4x4 Wheel Bearing(s) Wanted

Post by Vanny »

Citroen part number is showing as E268403 which seems very common going by a quick Google ... BwbGllcj09