Repairing sunroof deflector and headlamp protectors.

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Repairing sunroof deflector and headlamp protectors.

Post by Oscar »

Adam's misfortune has been lucky for me, and I've picked up a load of bits.

I have cracks in both the above items. Superglue and contact adhesive haven't worked terribly well. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Plastic glue.

Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hi probably time for yellow pages and the nearest supplier of plastic for signs etc. Sorry cant remember what was used, got a feeling it was something like nail polish remover or choriform, some one here is bound to know.
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Post by cavmad »

Im told there is an adhesive made by Laybond, think it`s in a large green tube, which will stick anything anywhere.
Have you tried Araldite, Oscar? Another one that`s supposed to be as good as you can get.
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I expect the best adhesive to use is a solvent adhesive which slightly dissolves and bonds the two surfaces. However, the joint must be clean and fit tightly to work (so if you have already tried a glue and cleaned some off and scraped the joint 'clean' then it may not not work) You'll need the correct type of solvent and I suspect that the deflectors are made from Acrylic but I honestly don't know. You should find solvent adhesive in the plumbing dept in B&Q but check for compatibility. If you do use some, don't spill any because it will mark and it wont come off!
An alternative is to try an epoxy glue like Araldite. There is a clear one which holds after approx 90secs (I mended my favourite beer Stein Glass over 2 years ago and it still holds)

Good luck!
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