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Post by Kitch »

Dismantling the house is not an option people. I'm more keen on dismantling the wall between our garage and the neighbours garage and blocking their access to it.

Could park it under 3-4ft of snow....good idea. But that means I'd have to take it somewhere where it snows. Firstly, it wouldn't make it there and secondly knowing my luck the snow would turn to salty slush days after I left it.

So I'm still stuck where I am now. I think I'm gonna leave a piece of untreated steel in there with it, to see how quick it rusts so I can get an idea of what I'm looking at.
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Post by docchevron »

Kitch wrote:Dismantling the house is not an option people.
I duno! Kids huh....no sense of adventure!

I'd never buy a house. A fully equipped workshop with an office I could sling a bed in would do me just fine!

Not a bad idea about the plate steel...

Is there anything like any air flow through the garage? I know some rouns here are like a wind tunnel, which helps!

The other option of course is to SERIOUSLEY go to town and waxoul the car vigorousley. Including inside every box section. Time consuming, but worth it!
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Uplifting experiance.

Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hi Kitch. Take one 4 post ramp and have one up and one down. Swap over as necessary.Job done, piece of cake etc.
Like the car muchly.
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Post by Jaba »

I have a mate with two what you might call collectors cars - an old yank and a Shelby Cobra look alike. He keeps them both in contraptions a bit like a 1.3x car size plastic bag, especially designed for the job. It has a built in fan or two at one end and a vent at the other.
The positive pressure keeps it sort of inflated and the continual airflow keeps the car completely dry. And he gets to keep his house and kitchen intact too.

Of course you need power or would have to make regular visits with a recharged battery.
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Post by DavidRutherford »

Those things are called Carcoons. They work extremely well, and will run from a deep-cycle leisure battery for absolutely ages. They used to be about £120, but I think the price has come down somewhat since then.

The main reason they're brilliant is they prevent condensation from forming on the car, and will dry out a soggy car in a day or so.
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