M reg 16v

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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M reg 16v

Post by Matty »

Hi everyone,

Well having just bought a fantastic 16v as spotted by roverman, it got me thinking about and the day I spotted a Triton Green M reg BX 16V up north somewhere! must have been a good ten years ago.

Surely this must have been the last 16v to be registered and what a rarity, wonder where it is now? and if anyone else has seen/owned such a late car?


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Philip Chidlow
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Chances are, being that colour, it was a Hurricane TZD/GTi 8v. Citroen stopped manufacturing our RHD 16v's in 1992. The LHD 16s's continued to very early '93 and I don't think they were in that colour.
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Tim Leech
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Post by Tim Leech »

Never seen an M reg, the last 16vs were on a very late K. May have been an import or possibly mistkan H plater?
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Post by Kitch »

RHD ones were made in '93, but not many. They were all cat equipped ones, which were a bit more limp wristed.
Could have been an M reg; it's possible the car wasn't registered for a couple of years, but unlikely. M reg hatches as a whole are very rare (estates slightly less so as they carried on with it while the Xantia hatch was already launched), with 16i's, 19D's and TD's being the last sold.

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Post by cavmad »

I'm with Kitch here, could have been one thatw asn't registered for a couple of years after production ended.

I saw a really tidy looking 4x4 estate on the M60 the other month by the way, imagine they must be rare now?
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Post by Matty »

it was def a M plate hatch, but it could have possibly been mistaken for a 16V at a distance and may have been a GTI Hurricane.

I'd love to get the stats from the DVLA of what was registered BX wise circa 93/94
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mike st gilles
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They were certainly 'cobbling' a few together back then; I once saw a TZD Break with A/C and centre cubby hole and possibly every factory extra that was available at the time and that to my recollection was an M plate. A guy I went on a course with turned up in it. Turned out it was his son's car; seems he'd gone in to the dealers to buy a new xantia but was bemoaning the lack of BX's and the salesman said that he had a special 'round the back ' as it were..........didn't know at the time how rare that was.
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