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Hello there,

This looks like a lively friendly kind of place. Tomorrow I purchase a Green Tiger from Dollywobbler, my second foray into French motoring... hopefully it will be more successful than the first. A severely thrashed Pug 205 GRDT which I loved for a short time. Except when driving up hills. And then when driving up slight inclines. And then when driving anywhere. And then when taking it apart and putting it back together again. And then just the sight of it would make my blood boil and I'd feel like a completely useless MAN and like everybody was laughing at me and making snide comments about my johnson.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pop in to say hello. Hopefully I'll never need any information from this site whatsoever, but it's good to know there are lot's and lot's of fellow geeks to talk to should things go awry.

Also, I'd like to do the next BXagon :D

And the stripes are staying.

Thanks BXCLUB people!

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Hi Glen

Phil Chidlow will be along shortly to sort out the Run to France.

Welcome, btw - I joined here to buy a BX and bought an XM instead (now I have three - it's catching, this Citroen milarky!)
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Campbell you know me too well :lol:

Hi Glenn, welcome aboard. PM me your e-mail contact details and I'll put you on the Classic Challenge e-mail list. :)
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Welcome indeed. I'm on 3 Citroens now, the doctor says there's no cure... :)

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Welcome and im afraid once youve got the disease for silly Citroens,then theres no known cure. I should know as ive a field full of them.
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rayfenwick wrote:Welcome indeed. I'm on 3 Citroens now, the doctor says there's no cure... :)
Three's just a mild dose - you wait 'til it really takes hold...
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I wish I could remember when I only had 3 Citroens, but I had to dump that part of my memory to make room for the instructions on setting up GS cassette points!
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Howdy Glenn!

As this shot shows, both Glenn's and my new cars have been put to hard work!

Felt very odd to watch a car I'm so familiar with driving off with someone else at the time. I hope she's as good to you as she was to me!
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oooh! A Scimitar, I do like them is it a good one?
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Yes, seems very nice, though not 100%.

EDIT - Mistah G has just reported that he's entirely internet free for a bit, but I'm sure he'll be back!
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The interior is just lovely (unless you dislike brown)!

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Hello all, just a wee update on The Green Tiger...

She's been nicknamed BeX (see what I did there?) cos The full name is a bit of a mouthful. She's also had a little bit of work done..

-New o/s rear strut after a total loss of hydraulics on the A2 in the middle of Rochester. Dollywobbler's theory is that she wanted to mark her territory and she certainly managed that. For about a week there was a large green stain in the middle of a busy junction. The AA were useless. I told the driver I wanted to go to Medway Citroen and he took me somewhere else - where they couldn't fix her - so I got MC to come get her anyway. Ricockulous. Although the mechanics in the first garage were looking at her all sort of misty eyed as they recounted many many tales of not being able to fix BXs and sending them to Medway Citroen :)

-New rear tyres. These were supplied with the car (Cheers Mr Wobbler) and were fitted by MC. This was the single point of failure for the MOT. I kid you not. MOT was 50 quid, fitting the supplied tyres was 16.80. One of the cheapest MOTs I've ever put a car through... not bad for a 20 year old car!

-Currently running on about 80% chip fat. I work at a place with a very 'by the book' kitchen and we change our fryer oil every week whether it's been used or not. She's running fine although with slightly rough starting first thing. This is only a temporary situation as I will soon be processing the oil into biodiesel. It's really quite simple once you get your head round the basic concepts involved. If anyone else is interested I'd hugely recommend this site... http://www.dudadiesel.com/biodiesel.php with the caveat that there is a HUGE amount of information out there so don't take any one websites word for ANYTHING. But you knew that anyway right? Men of the internet... :)

So everything is happy in BeX's world right now. Although, if anybody has any idea how to replace one of the rear wings I'd be massively grateful. MC just said "no not really" which is a shame because the n/s rear bumper is held on by the paint at the moment :/


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Although, if anybody has any idea how to replace one of the rear wings I'd be massively grateful.
Even if you were prepared to spend a lot of time drilling out the welds to remove the old one you'd be unlikely to find a new one - I looked for quite a while. Is it the classic under the bumper that has rusted out?

I would cut and weld patches into the old one - this is what I was forced to do - cutting some patches off a donor BX of the approx right shape and being lucky to have some repair panels inc the real BX estate hell-hole which is the whole rear section onto which the bumper fixes ( should fix onto but there wasn't much left after 25 years!).You'll be needing someone with welding game!

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someone was offering a new rear wing recently, i will try and remember were i saw it,

those scimiters look good after being ingulfed is flames, all thats left is a tubular frame,chassis and the rest of the metal bits :twisted: :roll: :wink:

a good few years back an auto mag photographer had one go up, so he did a two page spread of thumbnail shots till it was just the metal bits in a heap,

regards malcolm
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Yes Toddao it's under the bumper and the sort of box section bit behind it has a number of large bits where there is air instead of steel. I'm no welder and I'm (reliably?) informed that any rust in that section is irrelevant as far as MOT goes as long as there's no sharp edges that could snag a pedestrian. I am slightly worried about the lack of fixing for the bumper although, while it is a bit loose, it's not exactly flapping in the breeze. But it's not going to get better by itself.

Otherwise the vehicle is a great goer. Hydraulics in good order, comfy, 50mpg (of fat!), electrics fine and engine in fair shape. Minor coolant and oil leaks but hey, it's a 20 year old car. And she's still a workhorse... no concours perfection here.. she is used daily and I currently have a part-time job delivering curry all over the Medway and she hasn't skipped a beat.

The only doubts I have are about the long-term economics. Much as I love her there will come a time in the next few years where a wedge of cash/time/expertise will have to be available and probably a few impossible-to-obtain spare parts too. The rear wheels are starting to look a bit.. ummm... like this /--\ if you know what I mean? Some suspension part wearing out maybe?
1991 BX TGD estate - The Green Tiger