Jaba getting down and dirty

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Jaba getting down and dirty

Post by Jaba »

Heres a pic of me in the spring changing over a front brake caliper..........


There is a reason for posting this. I had to change that caliper, it was a reconditioned one from ebay, as it did not ever adjust the hand brake action so I eventually lost the handbrake on that side and ran out of handbrake lever travel.

I want to dismantle this recon caliper and put in some innards from an old caliper that is otherwise worn out - it clonks badly on reverse - but I have never been able to successfully do this as I do not have a tool to compress the dished washers to enable the caliper to be reassembled.
Has any ever done this ? What did you use. Anyone got the proper tool perhaps. All offers gratefully accepted.
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Re: Jaba getting down and dirty

Post by citronut »

someone on the FCF has just reported unscrewing the piston from a XANT caliper,
so if this is possible it might take the load off the dished washers,

dont know for sure as i have never taken a caliper apart

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Re: Jaba getting down and dirty

Post by toddao »

That's a nice pic - reminding me of sunny days now that all has turned white out there again.

Maybe you could try a large G-clamp pressing onto an appropriate sized socket for the job? Otherwise go and ask if you could borrow the special tool from your local Citroen garage?

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Re: Jaba getting down and dirty

Post by Kitch »

I'd be interested to learn on this one.....mine clonks terribly in reverse.
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