BX 14E oil leak

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BX 14E oil leak

Post by speedingfine »

Hi folks

Been very happy with my BX bought on a whim from eBay, but for one problem, an oil leak that at the moment is still relatively minor. Having finally cleaned it up and had it on a friends ramps, we're still non the wiser as to where the oil's coming from! It's looking like it should be the rocker cover, but there doesn't appear to be anywhere near enough coming from there to cause the amount that comes out when run up to temperature. Obviously I'm thinking the last guy quit before the rear main seal really started to leak ;) But do you guys have any other common areas we should be looking?

Thanks for any help.


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Re: BX 14E oil leak

Post by citsncycles »

Which engine has your 14E got. Don't know much about the early suitcase engine but I gather the TU can leak oil from both the rocker and the head gasket.
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Re: BX 14E oil leak

Post by speedingfine »

TU... Can't really see the back of the engine well, so some work in the garage to try and see is looking likely!

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Re: BX 14E oil leak

Post by Kitch »

Head gasket, rocker gasket, front and rear main seals, and sump. That's all they can really leak from!

The head gaskets sometimes fail because the manifold/downpipe joint is blowing and it eats the gasket from the outside in. Don't usually leak around the back as much though.
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Re: BX 14E oil leak

Post by citronut »

on the TU's if the oil is running down the forward face of the block and next to the cam cover, and non showing down the head face between rocker cover and head joint, this is defiantly head gasket failure,

the head oil feed is right at this corner of the head, theres a triangular section of gasket for sealing the oil way, this section comes un/bonded from the main gasket and allows the pressurised oil to leak out and down the front of the block,

they dont often leak oil at the back of the engine,

the first thing o would check if this is the case is the cam cover gasket/seal

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Re: BX 14E oil leak

Post by rutter123 »

150c engines/box shared the same sump didnt they? Crankcase to bellhousing gasket? Mine also leaked from the back of the rocker cover as the sloping engine always did.
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